RSS Macro Aqua M-60 power filter skimmer follows in the footsteps of the Skilter

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    Macro Aqua has a new hang-on protein skimmer that borrows heavily from the Skilter design. The Macro Aqua M-60 combines the features of your traditional hang on filter with a protein skimmer. Those of you who remember the Skilter, can recall they worked decently for their time but the noise level and bubbles leaking back into the system were too much to bear. Macro Aqua is hoping a few advancements will make the M-60 a bit more approachable.

    Measuring in at 9×4.3×13.5 inches, the Macro Aqua M-60 *allows you to regulate the water flow with a simple valve on the inlet and adjust the water level inside the skimmer with a valve on the outlet. To take care of the errant bubbles, a simple foam diffuser is used. One nice feature of the MAcro Aqua M-60 is an inlet for ozone to increase the skimming ability of the filter but we are wondering if the plastic will become brittle from the use of O3.

    We aren’t certain what kind of pump the Macro Aqua M-60 utilizes or who makes it but we are pretty sure this is some sort of needle wheel impeller to get a fine chop on the bubbles. Stats on the M-60 rate it at 300l of air draw with 11W of power used. Although the website says this is rated for aquariums up to 600 liters (158 gallons) we are pretty sure you probably would not want to throw this on a monster tank and would be more along the lines of a lightly stocked 55 gallon tank. It would be interesting to see how this HOB skimmer performs and are wondering what this baby could do with a wooden airstone modification.


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    could anybody tell me a shop that sells these skimmers I need spares thanks

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