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8 May 2007
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The Macro Aqua Flow Swing is a curious little water flow accessory which does a lot for not a lot of money. For just $20 this device attaches to incoming water pipe and oscillates the outflow over a range of about a 100 degrees. The aquarium hobby is rich with devices like the Macro Aqua Flow Swing but these are either cheap and unpowered (and prone to sticking), or they are powered which makes them both bulky and expensive.

We’ve seen flow actuators and alternators before, the unpowered Innovative Marine Spin Stream and Zoomed Aqua Sweep come to mind, both of which are simple accessories which are driven by the force of the incoming water. Reaching further back in time there’s the classic SCWD which was plumbed in line and alternated water flow towards one pipe or the other.

On the other end of the spectrum, the powered Sea Swirl was once really popular for oscillating water flow across a 60 degree swath. The heavy duty nature of the Sea Swirl makes it bulky in the aquarium, and also quite expensive, relatively speaking. Somehow though, the Macro Aqua Flow Swing seems to combine the best of both worlds into a package that is both small, powered, and incredibly affordable.

The Macro Aqua Flow Swing will be available in three sizes, ranging from half inch (20mm), 3/4 inch (25mm) or one inch (32/40mm). The Flow Swing is attached to the side of the tank, or in a corner with suction cups, and each assembly can be connected with a barb or a PVC fitting which can be hard plumbed.

Since the Macro Aqua Flow Swing is self powered by an internal 3 watt motor, the frequency of the Flow Swing’s oscillation is not determined by the flow rate of water going through it. The Flow Swing moves left to right in about 5 seconds, and right to left in about 10 seconds, which seems like ample time for water to build up momentum in whatever direction it is pointing.

Priced at just $20, there is no doubt that the Flow Swing will be hugely popular with owners of both small and large tanks alike. The Macro Aqua Flow Swing will be available in North America exclusively from Aquatic Life and we can’t wait to test it out for ourselves to determine how well the Flow Swing really lives up to its potential.

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