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8 May 2007
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The Marine Aquarium Conference of North America is the biggest reef aquarium event in the world, and it’s just three weeks away. The Washington D.C club probably has a lot of preparation left to do but if you haven’t made your plans to go yet, it’s time for you to get on it!

It seems like just yesterday I was running around trying to get everything finalized for MACNA in Denver but now the massive undertaking of putting on a MACNA is in someone else’s court. This year Reef Builders & Co. only have to organize ourselves and our booth, but we know what the D.C. club is going through right now.

But if you’re planning on attending, now is the time to book your last minute travel plans, book a hotel, and prepare yourself for a killer weekend of Marine Aquarium overload. Everyone knows that MACNA is the most important reef show in the world now, so you should make sure you have all your ducks in a row so you can enjoy the most productive time with fellow reefers.

The full lineup of speakers has been revealed, so be sure to check out their background and the presentation topics they will be speaking on. Also, each year MACNA has another round of workshop presentations which are not promoted nearly as much, but there can be some great topics in the workshops too.

As an added bonus this year there’s also a MACNA mobile App which will help attendees make sense of what is going on, when it is going, and where they’ll want to be. Now is the time to start familiarizing yourself with the whole MACNA program, because chances are you’ll just get wrapped up in the momentum and energy of the show once the doors finally open to the public.  [MACNA 2015]
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