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    The rumors about MACNA 2014 have been a-flying this week but it’s not official until you see it on Reef Builders. MACNA 2014 will take place August 29-31, 2014, for the first Mile High Macna in Denver Colorado.

    The Marine Aquarium Conference in Denver Colorado is going to be one of the western-most MACNAs in years and we expect a much greater amount of national participation overall than ever before. Additionally, the front range region of Central Colorado happens to also be the home of Reef Builder Headquarters, and as such we’ll be delivering an unprecedented amount of coverage and detail about the next biggest reef aquarium show in the world.

    The MACNA 2014 website will go live within the next day or two at which point we’ll update with additional details on the Mile High Macna and the usual early bird specials on passes, hotel etc.*In the meantime, MACNA 2013 is still days away so let’s enjoy and look forward to this year’s big event, but you can count on Reef Builders to bring you the most news and updates about MACNA now and in the future.
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