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    MACNA 2013 will be hosted next year by the Florida Marine Aquarium Society, essentially the club of the greater Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and south florida reefing sector. Scheduled to take place from August 30th to September 1, 2013, we find it wholly fitting that the 25th anniversary of the Marine Aquarium Conference of North America should take place so near to the Caribbean sea. The FMAS has done some great things in the past, with an active lineup of speakers coming to present to their members, many of which are the movers and shakers of this industry.

    Tony Vargas, Julian Sprung, Colin Foord and many other fine aquarists call FMAS their home club and we have very high expectations from this group of practicing and enthusiastic reef aquarists. *FMAS will be shaking up the feel of the 2013 MACNA with an amazing waterfront hotel, some creative activities and reaching beyond the usual crop of*notorious speakers to offer the stage to more progressive up-and-comers.*Already we have learned that Matt Wandell of the Steinhart Aquarium and Morgan Moore of Reef Gardener will be part of the initial lineup of speaker presentations for the 2013 MACNA XXV. We’re sure to hear lots more details about the “Miami MACNA” in Dallas this weekend so stay tuned!
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