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    When Lytro launched its first light field camera in Spring of 2012, we were thrilled with the ability to produce amazing “living images” of aquarium corals and reef tanks. This week Lytro released a software update for the desktop application to reprocess previously taken Lytro pics and add a little something called perspective shift and living filters. What the Lytro software now performs is the ability to automatically create focus-stacked images with a little bit of wiggle to the perspective of the camera angle.

    Now we’ve already given the Lytro and its aquarium light field images a whole lotta love already but the addition of Perspective Shift takes the concept to a whole new level. We’re trawling through our light field catalog to process and re-upload our Lytro pics with perspective shift built-in and so far we’ve found a few really, really good ones. To enable Lytro’s perspective shift hold-click and drag over the image and all points will come into focus while the perspective shift follows your cursor. Too cool right? Tell us which one’s are your favorite and we’ll be sure to share some more of our best Lytro pics with perspective shift in the future.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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