RSS Luxim STA 75 is a 450 watt plasma light designed to replace about 750 watts of HID

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    The Lifi STA 75 is the new name of the larger light emitting plasma device from Luxim, formerly named the STA 60. The Lifi STA 75 draws up to 450 watts yet puts out 45,000 lumens or about as much light as a 750 watt HID light, including the additional power draw from system inefficiency. If you do the math, the new STA75 plasma emitter pumps out a cool 100 lumens per system watt, on par with the best LED lights around.

    HID lights can* produce 100 lumens per watt at the lamp, but not at the plug when you factor in energy losses in the whole HID light system. To get the same amount of performance as the STA75 from top of the line LEDs you would need upwards of 150 Cree XPG LEDs or 86 Cree XML. There’s not yet any information on what kind of pricing is expected for the Lifi STA75 but as long as it’s delivering twice the light output of the STA41 at less than twice the cost, this could be a nice option for jumbo aquariums requiring a deluge of light.


    Part Description LiFi Light Source
    Ordering Code LiFi-STA-75-01
    Emitter Length 72.9 mm
    Emitter Diameter 116 mm
    Driver Unit* L x W x H 237x105x32 mm
    Rated Average Life 50,000 hours
    Total Initial Lumens 45,000 lumens
    Typical Turn-on Time TBD
    CCT 5500 K
    CRI Up to 95
    Dimming Range1 TBD
    DC Input Voltage2 26-28 Volts
    DC Input Current TBD
    Nominal AC Power 450 Watts
    Orientation TBD

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