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8 May 2007
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The Lux Slim Flow aquarium just unveiled by Reef Octopus is probably the nicest new and unique aquarium design we’ve seen since the red Sea Reefer series. Reef and marine aquarists love their pre-drilled and reef ready aquariums, but a constant long standing concern is how much space they take away from the usable aquarium volume, and the aesthetic distraction that the bulging overflow box creates.

Coast-tocoast overflows are nice for large custom aquariums, but other than that, if you want a pre-made pre-drilled tank with an overflow box, you have to put up with the trade-offs. This is no longer the case with the Lux Slim Flow aquairum which features a continuous overflow ‘box’ that spans the entire back of the tank.

At just about one inch thick, this new continuous draining box in the Lux Slim Flow doesn’t distract from the usable volume of the aquarium at all. The best follow through of the Lux Slim Flow is the integration of the return outlet which is also flush with the back wall, and directs the flow slightly upwards to move the surface water in a positive way.

Reef Octopus is showing two sizes of the Lux Slim Flow at MACNA, a 60 gallon which will sell for $999 with a beautiful glossy premium stand, and a 90 gallon for $1299. The Lux Slim Flow on display here at MACNA 2015 are the first prototypes of the new concept aquarium to be shown off, and it’ll probably be early 2016 before they are made available to purchase.

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