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    Snappers aren’t very high on the aquarists’ list of must-have fish although many of them are truly attractive, including the two newly described species from the Indian Ocean.*Lutjanus indicus and Lutjanus papuensis are two new species of snappers described by Allen, White & Erdmann*(pdf link) in the Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation.

    Lutjanus papuensis pictured above, as the name implies, is a new species from West Papua where type specimens were collected from the famed Cenderawasih Bay.*L. papuensis is similar to the striking*Lutjanus lunulatus but where the Papuan snapper has a broad area of yellow color all over the body,*L. lunulatus has the yellow coloration limited to the ventral parts of the body including pelvic, pectoral and anal fins.

    lutjanus-lunulatus.jpg Lutjanus lunulatus has a striking yellow colored ventral side.

    lutjanus-indicus.jpg Lutjanus indicus is a new snapper species described from the northern Indian Ocean around Thailand and India.

    Lutjanus indicus has a tamer appearance with muted coloration and pattern. The new ‘Indian Snapper’ species has a large spot on the body that is surrounded by a few oblique horizontal yellow lines. Lutjanus russellii is the sister species to the newly described Indian Snapper but it is restricted to a distribution in the Western Pacific Ocean.

    lutjanus-russellii.jpg Lutjanus russellii is the sister species to L. indicus and it is found primarily in the West Pacific Ocean.


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