Luminous Green Acro frags for sale

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13 Jul 2007
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Cape Town
Hey peeps

I have +-20 Luminous Green Acropora frags with fluorescing green polyps for sale. All in excellent health and settled in. Have begun encrusting already. Various sizes from over 1cm to 3cm, single and multiple branches.

Prices range from R65 - R125
Shipping/packaging costs to be covered by the buyer.

Ok guys I took this pic earlier today. Corals under 3x14k BLV 150w and 1 54w Sylvania Coral Star and 1 ATI 54w Blue Plus

Les i will get back to you regarding a packaging/shipping cost. However, my guess is that it's in the R150 region so if anybody else is interested then you can split shipping costs. How many you interested in?
I think i'll have to impose a minimum of 4 frags per order for any orders that need to be shipped outside of cpt otherwise the shipping cost is going push the total frag price up by a huge amount.
Obviously if you have your own shipping company then you are welcome to use that and only pay for packaging costs.
Hi Gixxer.... have any left for R65? I want to buy one to "test" to see if my tank will hold SPS..... I have 3 LPS corals in my tank, and they are growing like crazy. I have MH150 (14000K), and 6 x 54watt T5's..... Let me know.... I am in C/T as well.... where do you work? I am in the CBD....
Hi Jacques

I still have 2 left for R65. Please pm me to arrange collection.

Gerrit, let me know what you want to do. I can send one up if no one else is interested. I may also have a few other species available so you're interested you can take more than one and save on shipping.
Anything left. I'm interested in some frags.

Gerrit, we can team together if you want to share shipping and have not yet done so.
Hi Galibore. I do have a few luminous green acro frags available as well as some acropora secale frags. Only the 2 species available at the moment. Minimum of 3 frags for shipping airport to airport. Gerrit's frags have already been sent.
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