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    lubbockichthys-tanakai.jpg Lubbockichthys tanakai. Picture by Dr. Hiroyuki Tanaka.

    Lubbockichthys tanakai is a rarely seen dottyback species. In fact, all species from this lesser known enigmatic genus are very hard to come by and are almost never seen in the trade. Those that actually do make it into the trade often come from Cebu, usually solitarily. The occurrences of these dottybacks are also far between, with specimens appearing very sporadically.

    The two species in this genus that are more well known are L. tanakai shown above, and L. multisquamatus. Apart from sharing the same genus – which happens to be terribly difficult to pronounce and spell, these dottybacks also share one more thing in common. That is, having very slender eel like bodies similar to, but longer than those of the Pseudoplesiops genus.

    yadokariya-lagoona.png Lubbockichthys multisquamatus. Males are fluorescent orange as seen by these specimens from Yadokariya and Lagoona respectively.

    L. tanakai is a beautiful and slender dottyback with a rather muted body coloration, which is yellow dorsally and white ventrally. A thick and large black stripe runs horizontally down the body, starting from its curiously red head down to its tail. This species is rarely imported but shows up from time to time in every country that deals with fishes from the Philippines, particularly, the Cebu region.

    Another species which is slightly more common, but still very hard to find is L. multisquamatus. Males are a bright fluorescent orange with a yellow tail and resembles some what like*Pseudoplesiops rosae as well as the ultra gorgeous Pseudochromis luteus. In terms of shape and coloration, anyway. Below is a short video of L. multisquamatus. Seeing it in video really gives you an idea of how eel-like these dottybacks really are.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

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