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    The Kessil family of LED spotlights including the A150w and A350 have been popular reef aquarium lights in America since their introduction and now that they’re spreading in Japan, Lss Laboratory has seen fit to dress them up. While Kessil makes a high quality gooseneck arm mount which easily attaches the A150 to the side of the aquarium walls, the A350 has literally been left hanging, literally, with only suspension mounted options for use over our tanks.

    The small footprint of the Kessil 150 and 350 series spotlights are extremely versatile and limited only by their ability to be fixed to the aquarium.*We saw some modified gooseneck mounts from Kessil for the larger A350 series of spotlights at MACNA and Reefapalooza but these are not yet slated for a public launch. Not content to wait up on Kessil Lss Laboratory has assembled a clipping base to cater to the the preferred mounting option for many Japanese reef aquarists.*


    Lss Laboratory’s clip mounts for the Kessil spots are mounted to the backside of the LED cans, with hardware that allows for some degree of angling but no swiveling. Since the Kessil spotlight emits a round beam that latter omission shouldn’t be a concern.

    Available only in Japan for now, Lss Lab sells the two different mounts for Kessils A150 and A350 for a reasonable*¥3,500 which just a touch over $42. Of all the accessories that Lss has introduced for existing products we see a huge potential for this kind of mounting option for the legions of Kessils lighting up reef tanks worldwide. $42 is not that much money for a really useful device but surely the DIY reefing community can cobble up similar hardware from readily available parts. *[Lss Laboratory]

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    Now this is would fit into my TL 450, minus Tubes and nicely clipped onto the Back wall...;)
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    Do you/will you be getting stock of these? And price?

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