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    Countless times while trying to adjust a new in-sump skimmer to a specific water level we’ve struggled with “too high” or “too low”, and it’s not exactly simple to change water height in most aquarium sumps. The newfangled skimmer stand contraption from LSS is not about*laziness* but more about really finding that sweet spot water level where the feed pump of the in-sump skimmer gets an optimum mix of air and water.

    You could always get creative with some egg-crate material but that takes time and also tends to build up a lot of detritus – not to mention it isn’t always strong enough to hold the weight of the larger in-sump needle wheel skimmer models.

    The LSS Skimmer stand has the added advantage of providing additional noise dampening with six silicone feet for absorbing vibration. The*sturdy*acrylic construction of the LSS Skimmer stand has notches for adjusting the height of the platform at three different levels, 78, 96 and 114mm (3 to 4.5 inches) deep and it will come in three sizes, prices start at about $90 in Japan. We don’t expect LSS to export these in mass but intrepid acrylic product makers ought to take note of this growing need to get in-sump protein skimmers in water levels that are ‘just right’. lss-skimmer-stand-2.jpg
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