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    Over the last year a new frozen fish food called Reef Frenzy by Larry’s Reef Services has been blowing up in the marine aquarium world. From the US to Europe to Japan, diehard fishkeepers all over the world are discovering that it is possible to feed our aquarium pets a very nutritious frozen food that even finicky fish will take to, without binders and fillers that generally pollute aquarium water.

    During our saltwater aquarium career we’ve tried feeding our fish just about every frozen fish food ever made and you know what? Almost all fish will eat just about anything, the kind of fish we keep anyway. Therefore we get skeptical when hyperboles are handed out like free kittens – we kept our opinion about LRS Reef Frenzy pretty guarded until the buzz reached a tipping point and we HAD to give the food a try.

    [​IMG]What pushed over the edge was actually talking to Larry of LRS and grilling him with twenty skeptical questions about why so many people are raving about Reef Frenzy and its various recipes. What we discovered about Reef Frenzy is not rocket science, it’s just good common sense fresh food preparation with a special attention to details and nutrition.

    The first major thing which really turned us on to feeding Reef Frenzy is few particles break up and go all over the tank, leading to pollution and subsequent higher nutrients and algae problems. For us it’s a big deal that Reef Frenzy doesn’t use any binders or fillers and it’s primarily composed of nothing but the freshest seafood available.

    Reef Frenzy is handmade, literally, with LRS employing a a rotating army to peel the shells from shrimp in order to maximize how much nutritious seafood meat goes into each package. From what we can tell Reef Frenzy is human grade seafood, and at somewhere around $25 per 8oz package, it better be.[​IMG]Once Reef frenzy is thawed, the ingredients that go into making it are easily recognizable as whole little bits of fish, shrimp, scallop, squid & more. But the real beauty of Reef Frenzy is that it really doesn’t  need to be thawed and the above images were made primarily for illustrating what’s in it.

    In fact, our favorite method for feeding Reef Frenzy is by taking it straight out of the freezer and using an algae clip to create a seafood grazing block for all the fish to attack. Allowing the fish to graze from the frozen chunk of LRS Reef Frenzy is fun, it ensures that even less food particles float away, and the food goes nearly directly into the fish’s bellies, with no time to spend leaching any oils into the tank.

    The cleanliness of LRS Reef Frenzy and the lack of any kind of binders or fillers is readily apparent when you observe a protein skimmer shortly after feeding. Normally after feeding just about any kind of frozen or prepared foods you’d expect the protein skimmer foam to collapse, and essentially stop skimming due to the chemical interactions with the oils in fish food.

    This is completely, incredibly, not the case with LRS Reef Frenzy. After feeding a quarter ounce of Reef Frenzy to a 150 gallon fish tank, we watched with utter amazement as the protein skimmer for this system didn’t even skip a beat. Below you can see how nonplused the skimmer was even after feeding such a generous amount of highly nutritious food, what is this sorcery that LRS has created?

    [​IMG]As we’ve mentioned before, there’s nothing inherently magical about LRS Reef Frenzy, except for the effect it has on fish, how much it appeals to finicky eaters, and the serious care and work that goes into making it. We know you love your fish but as with all very nutritiously dense foods, Reef Frenzy should be used as part of a balanced diet which also includes plenty of greens and dry fish flakes or pellets.

    We’re not very heavy handed when it comes to feeding frozen foods to our well-established aquarium pets but for all its merits and benefits, we’ll be sure to keep LRS Reef Frenzy stocked in our freezer.
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