Lots of coral an fish at sams

Discussion in 'SAMS Aquarium' started by ebrahim sams aquarium, 28 Jul 2012.

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    22 Aug 2011
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    Bergvliet, Cape Town
    Powder Blue surgeon R350
    Indian Sailfin tang R350
    Yellow tang R595
    Scopa tang R220
    Clown surgeon R175
    Orange shoulder tang R850
    Selaris goby R89
    Goldhead goby R159
    Diamond back goby R189
    Anthias goldies R180
    Peppered b/fly R139
    Pakistani b/fly R195
    Adult Emperor angel R995
    Juvenile Emperor angel R695
    Bicolour angel R169
    Sixlined wrasse R110
    Moon wrasse R95
    False eye toby R95
    Red starfish R79
    Blue starfish R120
    Octopus coral R350
    Torch coral R395
    Green torch coral R450
    Modern coral R295
    Bright red brain coral R595
    Bubble coral R295
    Green bubble coral R450
    Pink finger soft coral R350
    Yelllow finger leather coral R350
    Red brain coral R420
    Red pipe coral(green polyp) R350
    Orange sunflower coral R250
    Metallic green star polyp R420
    Green frogspawn R595
    Elegant coral R495
    Fox coral R295
    Green brain coral R350
    Metalllic green mushroom R395
    Green ricordia yuma R350
    Hecteractis magnifica R295

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