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    The Red Dragon 3 4500 Super Silence is a high performance pump from Royal Exclusiv which has painstakingly sourced every part and material from Germany. Not to be confused with the Tunze Silence pump, the RD3 4500 Super Silence does place a similar emphasis on absolute quiet but it is aimed at much higher flow applications. Try finding another water pump made from all titanium bearings which does 1000 gallons per hour at five feet of*head 32dB*while still whispering a quasi-inaudible 32 dB. The 50 watt RD3 4500 Super Silence can be run internally or externally and if you have a silence as one of your mission-critical objectives in your next reef aquarium install (we’re looking at you husbands and service guys), you ought to consider the Royal Exclusiv RD3 4500 available now for 400 (~$550).
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