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Discussion in 'Lighting' started by dan2381, 15 Apr 2010.

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    Heres my problem, I have these T5 4 x 14W units and they suck, lol.
    Im looking for a single T5 unit that would have around 6 to 8 24W T5's in one single unit and so far googling hasnt helped me find anything, or anything local atleast.

    Would it be better to say have 4 x T5 and one 150MH? where can i find these at a reasonable price?

    I think the biggest problem is that i need one thats gonna sit ontop of the tank, and my tank is 800 long, does anyone have any ideas? PLs help, im sick of these baby T5's, i Have used 24W bulbs in these units but then its only a 14W ballast and i dont c the point in changing the ballast in these cheap chinese products, i would rather just get a complete fix for my problem and then never have 2 worry again.

    Any help would b appreciated, and prices are really important at the moment, lol.
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    buy my halide unit. i'll be cheaper to replace all the T5's you want to use... and you get better light!

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