[wtd] Looking for Mp40 and Live stock tang Cape Town

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by kingtarica, 31 Mar 2015.

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    31 Mar 2015
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    Cape Town
    Hi im looking for a Good condition Mp40 W to link with my other one

    live stock wanted

    1 x Indian Ocean Sailfin Tang
    1 x Atlantic/Caribbean Blue Tang
    1 x Blond Naso Tang
    1 x Naso Tang
    1 x Clown Tang
    1 x Sohal Tang
    1 x Purple Tang
    1 x 6 line Wrasse
    2 x black clowns
    1 x lemon peel angel
    1 x potter angel
    1 x flame angel
    3 x cleaner/fire shrimp

    if you have any of the above for sale please contact on watsapp 072 570 5769
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