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Discussion in 'Wanted' started by abgg118, 7 Feb 2010.

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    Die Wilgers, Pretoria
    Hi all,

    I'm restocking my tank after about a year of lying low. I've already got a Tomato Clown (the male from my original pair), 2 Percula clowns which I'm hoping will pair up and 2 Pajama Cardinals (may have to get another one - these two doesn't hang around together, and I'd also like a pair of these). Then a purple-tip anemone, green star polyps, glove polyps, a few small leathers, 2 species of mushroom here and there and a few small colonies of random polyps. Then, 3x Turbo snails and a small hermit. Finally a black urchin which I've had for about 7 years (he originally hitch-hiked in on a piece of liverock when he was very small) - he only "comes out" to forage at night, and remains "hidden" on the underside of rocks during daytime.

    It's a 2mx65cmx65cm (around 180 gallon) tank and I've got a DSB in the display with a 16cm high glass compartment built-in at the back, the sides of which are hidden from view by the rockscape. Overflow down to the sump, which houses a Tunze 9020 skimmer and a DIY algae scrubber that's running nicely.

    Lighting = 6 T5's ("Actinic" and Aquablue+) with Dawn/Dusk effect (2 timers)

    Circulation is provided by 2x Tunze Streams (6100 I think?) on a multicontroller, pointed towards one another along the back glass + another one running only when all the lights are on. And of course the return from the sump, which isn't much (I don't have gazillions of gallons per hour flowing through the sump).

    I'm looking for the following livestock still:
    2x Mandarins (pair) - I know about the live food issue. I've kept 2 mandarins (they turned out to be 2 males, though) in this tank before and they were thriving (got one when he was extremely underfed and he recovered nicely within a few weeks). So, the tank contains enough liverock and enough food for them.
    Yellow Tang - saw some for R750 - are they that much already??
    Regal Tang
    2x Fire Gobies
    2x or 3x Cleaner Shrimps
    2x Fire Shrimps
    Lawnmover Blennie, if it will be suitable
    Maybe a sixline wrasse - I never had problems with my previous one, but heard they may be aggro.
    I'd like a few (4 or 5) small schooling fish that will fit in with the rest of the tank - any suggestings?
    A few more snails and hermits
    (Rose) Bubble Tip Anemone
    More assorted corals
    Would like to get a clam later on
    Would love a Flame Angel as "last fish" - Pretty expensive, but as long as I can get an established one that will not die off in a week or three, it's fine - I've been saving up for one of these for a long time.

    I may have forgotten some of the ideas I had ...

    Does anyone know where I can find some reputable bargains?

    Any other comments and discussions are welcome.

    Cheers for now.
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  3. ziyaadb


    18 Jul 2007
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    nice to see u getting back in G. In terms of Reputable bargain there is a shop that i know of in the south thats not too bad. gimme a shout.
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