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    We’ve all seen dedicated lookdown tanks – big tall cylindrical tanks in which lookdown fish, Selene vomer, can swim around in circles ad infinitum without running into any objects or the sides of the tank. The problem is that even in these huge cylindrical tanks the lookdowns still tend to ride the edge of the tanks and they crunch up their heads, rubbing them raw in places. This new lookdown gyre tank design from SEA Atlanta produces this continuum of flow but since the lookdowns never seem to ride the panes fo the aquarium their heads are absolutely perfect and their counter-current swimming looks like perfect moving snapshot of a school of swimming lookdowns swimming in the current.

    The Lookdown Gyre Tank at SEA Atlanta is a long rectangular aquarium that is nearly barren save for Vortech MP40s on both sides of the tank, working together to produce the gyre flow and a divider to help divide the gyre and to offer some form of ‘shelter’ for the lookdowns who never use and seem comfortable swimming in this kind of tank. This kind of aquarium albeit more elaborate reminds us a lot of Ecoreef Zero where the entire design and execution of the aquarium is intended to bring focus to a single lead actor. Although this aquarium is only ten feet long, the never ending unidirectional flow is like an endless treadmill for these lookdown fish which is comparable to a much larger aquarium for these awesome fish.

    The stainless steel paneling used to frame this industrial looking aquarium goes perfectly well with the appearance of these flattened metallic fish within. We were fortunate enough to be at SEA Atlanta right about sunset and at that time,t he light of the Golden Hour was reflecting from the unique silvery scales of the lookdowns, and even the opalescent stripes add to the shimmering effect as these graceful open water fishes swam through their wheel of water. We hope you’ll watch the video and click on the 720HD option as this unique Lookdown Gyre Tank is truly a sight to behold. I you live in the Atlanta area, be sure to visit SEA Atlanta to see this one of a kind Lookdown Gyre tank, as well a host of goodies which we’ll be reporting* on throughout the week.

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