Longnose Hawkfish


12 May 2007
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Port Elizabeth
Here is mr Hawk:
Nice Tom, I also have one. Awesome fish !!!
Most of them are jumpers Mekaeel, but obviously every fish is an individual, so maybe you can be lucky and not get a bungee hawk.

They do sometimes eat shrimps, so just keep an eye on that Tom.
At the moment the Flame is too busy chasing the hawk around for him to even know there are shrimps :) lets hold fins hey.
LOl nice pics Tom they beautiful fish:)Hows the flame angel doing?
The flame`s eye is still slightly swollen I think there might be scar tissue behind it and it will never come down, anyway it is as round as a ball :) .Can someone please help identify the coral I think it is a singularia maar ek wietie! so lekker nie.
I think the common name is a Colt Coral, a type of sinularia leather
Ya its definitely a leather and looks like a colt
It is a skinny Sinularia, some people call them Finger leathers.

Its not a Colt. Colt is the common name for Cladiella and sometimes Alcyonium, they're both much fluffier.

Oh Tom I just saw now, I sorry your little chap dissappeared.
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