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    These longfin ‘Boomerang’ discus are among some of the many fine fish entered into this year’s aquarama fish competition. Reef Builders had exclusive access to viewing the competition side of Aquarama during judging and these domestic strains of discus fish may not be “reef safe”, they definitely caught our attention.

    The Boommerang discus with their longfins look everybit the freshwater doppleganger of the saltwater batfish, and it appears that these fish are rather new. Partially longfin discus have been around before, but not like these boomerangs, and nowhere near this exaggerated.

    With several different Boomerang discus to scope out, it appears that the longfin trait is more developed with age and who knows what these uber novelties will look like when they are the size of the show champion discus that also garnered oohs and aahs. Are we looking at the beginning of the Angelfish-discus without the freaky genetics and hybridizing?

    Who knows but we totally became infatuated with the Boomerang discus, and although they’re not going into anyone’s nano reef, we simply had to share. Enjoy!







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