long tentacle anemone

Discussion in 'Anemone's' started by Mr_G, 15 Oct 2010.

  1. Mr_G


    8 Sep 2010
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    ok so I went and bought one last saturday, I didnt know about if it is white, but I took it anyway, it is still small, then that night it swimmed around, and found a place, then monday night it swim around again, and buried itself in the middle of the tank in the sand... My subtrate is fine argonite sand it has been there for the rest of the week now. And seems happy, all Im worried about is that I cant seem the "stem" anymore, last night it pulled in completly till its small, this morning its wide open again, but now the question, what do you guys feed yours, guy at the petshop said cut a small block of hake off, feed it every two days, which Im doing, but want to know what else, I have bought brine shrimp eggs, which should be ready in 10 days asell...
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  3. viper357

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    4 May 2007
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    Small pieces of hake every 2 days is perfect, you don't any more or anything else.
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