local is lekker or not

Discussion in 'Nano Tank advice' started by terry, 1 Apr 2009.

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    1 Apr 2009
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    Hi,newbie Terry asking again,
    Is there anyone who knows western cape fish life/temp etc ,im from knysna and would like to dive my own specimens,is this a good idea.can our colder water specimens slowly be introduced towarmer conditions to allow for a broarder range of specimens.Also im a bit dim at this blogging thing,cant seem to find where to look for ,what to do when setting up the tank for the first time and what eqwipment do i need.
    thanks terry
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    lol terry you'll get the hang of this place pretty quickly. the best way to find your old posts is to look at the top where the dark blue text has some drop down menues. bottom line third from the left gives you a "my post"option. that will show you the most recent theads you posted in :)

    as to diving out from cooler waters on the SA coast, its my understanding that the creatchures found there need those cooler temps and cant really be kept with the warmer temperatrures we run marine tanks at. You could do local only tank, but then you are giving up on a number of beautiful warmer fish and corrals. Thats how I understand it, but i would happily stand to be corrected. I am NOT certain
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    Hi Terry, hope i can help you out here.

    As your local waters are on the cooler side you might want to invest in a chiller to keep your tank water around 20 degrees.
    Without the chiller your tank temp will rise to uncomfortable levels for your livestock.

    I personally dont think that you would be able to accommodate local live stock, Cold water fish or acclimatize them over time. With out a chiller.

    However there are some species that can handle coldish and warmish waters, when i say that i mean nothing over 22 degrees and nothing under 16 degrees, a quick example would be cheatodon marlei (sp) they are spotted as far as cape town. Marlei have been kept in warmer tanks but none last very long.

    Also during our summer months you guy's do get some nice tropical species that way
    i have caught some angels and some butterfly's in the knysna lagoon including heniochus acuminatus.

    Hope that helps a bit Good luck.

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