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    Hi Masa, Merry Xmas to all.

    One of my favourite part of this hobby is the ability to go diving/puddle hopping searching for elusive / rare fishes. In the past with a bigger aquarium it was pretty easy for me to know what I was looking for: Gem, Emperor, Jumping bean and one or two of the special butterflies.

    This time round however I have a AM102 - 120l nano, so the choices aren't clear cut. It isn't my intention to only stock local species, however as I enjoy the hunt, I would like to try put one or two special local reef safe fish in my tank.

    With all the wisdom on Masa, I was hoping to get some ideas of local species that would fit the bill. When collecting, I prefer to have one or two specific fish in mind that I hunt for so that I do not just catch randomly.

    Thanks in advance for the assistance - hope there are some fishes worth searching for.
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    A lot of the small fish found in the rock pools are juveniles of monsters. As far as a 120L system goes. Not sure myself of any suitable fish from rockpools for that size tank. Maybe a goby fish. But then must make sure its not a klipvis juvenile.

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