Loads of Fish & some Inverts

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    Hi Everyone

    We've received the following livestock that are selling at really reasonable prices:

    Angels: Coral Beauty & Heraldi (Yellow) @ R229.00ea. Flag Fin (Juvenile) @ R425.00ea. Emperor (Small) @ R550.00.
    Butterfly: Copperband @ R195.00ea. Threadfin @ R195.00ea.
    Surgeons/Tangs: Sailfin @ R229.00ea. Lipstick @ R195.00ea.
    Goby: Golden Head (sandsifting) @ R95.00ea. Fire fish @ R145.00ea.
    Blenny: Salarias @ R95.00ea. Starry @ R145.00ea.
    Along with: Blue & Red Starfish @ R69.00ea. Yellow Boxfish @ R185.00ea. Green Mandarins @ R185.00 & Spotted Mandarins @ R275.00ea. Ocellaris Clowns @ R109.00ea. Skunk Clowns @ R95.00ea. Maroon & Tomato Clowns @ R105.00ea. Red Ruby Dragonets @ R375.00ea. Black Patch & Picasso Triggerfish @ R169.00ea. Fairy Wrasses @ R245.00ea. moray/Snow Flake Eels @ R229.00ea. Fox Face @ R195.00ea.

    We've also received a large shipment of Aquamedic Reef Salt (25kg). This will make 750l of high quality water & is still selling @ only R895.00 per 25kg or R1700.00 for two drums (50kg).

    We are also now stocking Real Reef Rock. This is artificial Live Rock that is better than natural as it does not harbour pests and unwanted marine life but only beneficial goodies for your Aquarium. This is selling @ only R249.00/kg.

    Come on and visit us in store to get some great deals.



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