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    307151_10150408455039706_32999209705_8119141_1324529817_n.jpg Black Margin Dottyback pair, Pseudochromis tapeinosoma, courtesy

    Yes, the black-margin dottyback is a “holy wow” fish. *I remember emailing Director Kevin Kohen about the Pseudochromis tapeinosoma months ago, so I can hardly contain myself that he found it and has now brought it to market, as a male female pair no less! *This may well be the first time they’re offered anywhere in the US.​

    Hopefully this pair of P. tapeinosoma goes to a breeder – it’s a species first just waiting for the taking by some intrepid breeder. *Knowing it’s relation to species like Pseudochromis cyanotaenia and P. coccinicauda, I would anticipate mate aggression and murder if you’re not careful, although I have no experience with this species and it could wind up being one of the nicer dottybacks. *Hard to say, but for a responsible breeder, this is a MUST BUY! *Consider it an early holiday gift to yourself!​

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