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    If you’ve been hankering for one little tank-bred Mcculochi clownfish your chances to get this black devil darling of a clownfish is about to get a whole lot more affordable. Tonight LiveAquaria will post the first new specimens of the captive bred Mcculochi clownfish for just $399. The story behind these little demon anemonefish is a very unique one since the fish were bred by Kevin Kohen at LiveAquaria, the larvae were raised by ORA and it is accurate to say that these captive bred marine fish are a unique joint-breeding venture between ORA and LiveAquaria.

    If you’ll recall LiveAquaria’s director kevin Kohen kept a pretty comprehensive log of their breeding successes back in 2009 and ORA will soon also have the skinny on how they partnered up to produce this satanic adorable clownfish. Did we mention that Mcculoch’s clownfish are aggressive? Well they’re not, they’re downright evil but still like really rare as far as clownfish go.
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