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    15 Jun 2011
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    Hey guys,
    Its been 4month past the Reborn of my tank and i think the tank is ready to take different SPS and LPS and new fishes in.
    Over the 4 month i've lost 2 Percula Clowns, 2 Purple Firefish, 1 banana Wrasse , 2 shrimps,
    And currently i have 2 percula clown and 1 bicolor blenny

    I like to add more existing fishes to the tank which are reef safe and don't have strong Bioload on the tank, I've got DIY No3 ORCA Bio Cube in the tank for the past 2 weeks which i think will help to moderate NO3/PO4 even if the bio load is a bit high,

    I was thinking of adding a small yellow tang and a regal tang and a couple of other small fishes, (Maybe i get rid of the clowns )

    Any advise is appreciated.:thumbup:


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