Live Sharks more valuable than fins

Discussion in 'Diving, Collecting and Environmental Discussions' started by FransSny, 24 May 2011.

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    Good article Frans. Only problem there, is that anyone can spear and fin a shark, and sell the fins for $108. But the average man on the street does not have the capital or expertiese to open up a diving company to allow tourists to dive with sharks.

    The same thing in South Africa... It is much easier for a man on the street (even if he is a genius by nature) to put a gun to someones head and steal their car, and sell that car for R5000, than to start up his own motor manufacturing plant.

    That is very sad (both instances) but I think they would need a bit more convincing than the tourism industry telling them not to do it as they (tourism industry) makes more money.

    I personally prefer the old school method of doing things; like a torpedo from a submarine, or a tactical cruise missile, or precission bombing. Maybe let those finners do some swimming with their little "fins" being cut off among great whites. Maybe even tie a dead and bloody tuna around their legs... That will really get the message out.

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