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    16 Jul 2008
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    Good day all, if I wanted to get some live sand for a DSB, can I just collect this from a shallow bay? Was thinking Umhloti.

    Also, is there any difference in running a DSB in-sump or just having a DSB in your main display? I like the look of a rippled sand-bed in the display with bright white sand.
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    30 Nov 2007
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    A Beautiful place!
    Advantage of having a sump or remote DSB:
    1) Surface area will be bigger for the nitrogen bubbles to escape (no rocks lying on the sand)
    2) Cheatomorpha algae can be used on top DSB for nutrient export
    3) Pods and other critters growing there won't be depleted by hungry fish and other predators.

    If an in tank DSB is used, you'll have non of the above. You'll still get the anarobic activity. The coarser the sand the deeper the DSB need to be to get this activity because it only happens where there is little or no oxygen. The finer the sand the shallower it needs to be. The other disadvantage of having an in tank DSB is the space you lose, 15cm is a lot.
    If you can, put a DSB in the sump and a 25-50mm layer substrate in the main display. Just my opinion ;)

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