Live sand

Octo i know Animal Kingdom is supposed to get a shipment of arago-live, phone the Hillfox shop. Just make sure of the expiry date on the bags if they have. Or better solution is to seed your own from LR chuncks or get some substrate from the guys on here.
Problem with aragalive is that it provides bacteria only. You still need to seed it with worms and critters etc. IMO not worth the price.
I don't even believe that arag-alive works. How can bacteria stay alive with absolutley no gaseous exchange etc for months?

Get a few small pieces (a kilo over all) of good quality uncured live rock (rock that has just landed) and use that on top of your DSB. The bugs on the uncured stuff will still hopefully be alive, and will populate your DSB.
Yes that's what most of us do. I have been begging people for months to send me some live sand from the ocean, but alas. I'm not even sure the critters will survive the trip up here.
Of course they will Gali, i'll bring you a kilo or so next weekend if the sea is any good on Friday morning.
Really? Wow...that's very cool of you! Are coming up here for business?
You've just sparked my memory, i'm flying up Tuesday, so i can bring up a bit for you then.
I'll bring you guys as much as i can on hand luggage. From there you guys can do whatever you want.
That's really awesome of you. Where are you going so we can meet up somewhere. I drive to boksburg every week or so. So it won't be a mission for me to go to Boksburg on Tuesday depending your arrival time. (Assuming you're landing at OR Thambo?)
I'll be landing at JHI at 7. Have one meeting in centurion in the morning, and then i'm going to cruise around for the day, so we can make plans to meet somewhere on Monday.
Monday or Tuesday?

Either day is cool for me. I will PM you my number.
Sorry, i meant i'll let you know on Monday about Tueday.
Shot Gali, got your number. I am making arrangements to have a look at some of the jhb stores while i'm up there, so we'll fit you in. What area do you work in?
I work in Roodepoort. Close to Guppies for Yuppies and very close to Animal Kingdom in Hillfox. I might meet you there as it's like 2 clicks from my work?
Close to me is also Peter Bee and Sterlig LFS's. But I don't mind meeting you anywhere that's convenient for you.
Cool Octo, will phone you after I spoke to Dober on Monday.
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