Live rock wanted

22 Aug 2007
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Hi guys

has any one got any live rock that they want 2 get rid of or sell ?.........
How much you looking for? I don’t have any more Fiji left (the really good stuff) but I do have a bit of Kenya rock from a tank I closed down.
mille hes actually in durbs for the week i will give him your number if thats ok... his tank is .800 x .600 x .600 so id recomend about 20kg...
Sorry mullet for hi-jacking your thread....

Hi Millepora. I am actually looking for Premium Fiji myself. BUT - a very small quantity (+-2-3 kg's). I have started a new thread, asking if anyone would be willing to part with 2-3kg's of theirs...... I have Kenya already - but I want/need some REALLY decent live-rock to kick-start/boost the micro-biology in my tank some more (even though I have micro-life that just keeps on multiplying!) I would like to diversify the micro-life in my tank...... Know anyone in/around Cape Town that could supply me with ONLY 2-3 kg's of the GOOD stuff??? Everyone only has Kenya..... Never Fiji Premium.....
And those sponsors in C/T who ever do get this "good stuff" in, will only sell in large quantities.....
Many thanks.
Hi Jacques, I feel for you buddy so I tell you what I’ll do. I can let you have a few small pieces (2/3kg’s) of the Fiji I reserved for myself for my new set up. It sells for R120/kg I will take a picture for you if you like.
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