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21 Sep 2011
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hi guys just started running my new 400 litres reef aquariam
1 week now added.
added LR in my sump .and in my display so it cycling now
was wondering would be OK for me to add the LR from old tank immediately or should I wait and add a few kgs a day
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but the LR from my old tank is a few years old cured
would not a few kgs A day be better dexter .
ps some LR has coral on it sigh
I agree with dexter, if there is any die off from the "new rock" then your bacteria population will increase accordingly to process the ammonia and nitrites.
k@Camel thought seeing that I taking out the rest of my LR from my current mature tank I could add it in new 400 litre a bit at a time
won't the LR from current tank be cured
Yeah, so it will already be populated with bacteria, so it will just multiply according to the die off from the other rock. die off = food source for bacteria.
As normal when cycling, even with the addition of your mature rock, test for ammonia, nitrites and nitrates before adding livestock.
once all the rock is added, if ammonia and nitrites is reading 0, you can add livestock.

Hopefully the "new rock" doesn't have too much die off and your cycle is relatively quick.
On a side note, if your current tank is stocked which i think it is, wait for the other rock to cycle, as you don't want your fish living in a tank with no bio filtration.
Is all the live rock coming from your old tank? if they already live and cycled I would just add Seachem Stability for a week. You can even get away without waiting the 6weeks or whatever it takes to cycle. When I started by new tank I added the live rock I had, did the seachem Stability cource and a week later I added fish. I skipped the whole cycle part becuae the rock I added was already "Live"
@Dexter I have 7 kg new LR in tank now cycling
balance of 25 kg or 30 kg is in old tank
seems I should use the stability for week then after that I shud add the LR from my current tank to new wat u say lekker like a cracker
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If the 7kg live rock came from establish tank there is no need to cycle. Just add all the rock together in your new tank and add the stability. The stability will establish the bacteria you need in your tank.
Dexter bud the 7 kg LR got from the LFS
bud currently that's in tank cycling
so wat u thinking
Just add all the rock together in your new tank and add the stability. The stability will establish the bacteria you need in your tank


Add all the rock to the tank at the same time and use seachem stability or aquavitro seed... As stated by @CameL the already established live rock (from your old display) will possibly aid in shortening the cycle as the established bacteria will "eat" the ammonia/nitrites produced from any die off on the new live rock from the LFS...
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if it came from LFS and it was kept wet it will be fine by just adding it straight with other rock. The whole point of a cycle is to get rid of dead stuff that accumulated on rock. In your case all the rock is live, hence no need for cycle. Add the rock, do stability, check parameters and if everything is fine i will add my first fish slowly.
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