Live dense rotifers & Our Special Phyto Fertilizer: Buy one get one free !!!

Discussion in 'Sponsor Specials' started by Andre@ReefAquatics, 4 Apr 2015.

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    For next week only we are running a special in our Live Foods section, Buy a bottle Live Rotifers and get the second bottle free. Your corals will love you this Easter.

    Standard size, receive an extra 400ml
    Supersize, receive an extra 800ml

    This deal is also applicable to our Home culture kits.

    Also we are offering a buy one get one free on our Phyto Culture Special Blend Fertilizer. Normally R75 for 100ml now get 200ml for R75

    This offer excludes phyto (as our stocks are low)

    to take advantage of this special email us

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