List of LFS (Local Fish Stores)

Discussion in '► Sponsor Request Forum' started by ShaunB, 6 Oct 2008.

  1. ShaunB


    13 Aug 2007
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    As someone relatively new to the Marine game and even newer to Durban the one thing I find is missing from MASA is a list of where to get what. Can we start a provisional thread so we can find the local stockists of chemicals, equipment and even more importantly in KZN .... LIVE STOCK. Maybe I have been spoilt but when I started i was in Jhb shopping at Exotic where I never had enough money to buy all the great stock. Now I can never find any decent stock in Durban. Other than NP where else can I look for LIVE STOCK?
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  3. Mike

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    12 May 2007
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    the Motherland
    Shaun, it is difficult to do this, simply because there are many non sponsor shops that may be great, but we can't advertise them, find your local club (further down the forums page) and ask them to pm you with local info.
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