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    Lipogramma robinsi is so rare it wasn’t until early last year that we saw our first pictures of a living specimen. Thanks to the work of the deep diving Curasub in Curacao, we’ve been fortunate to have a plethora of new deepwater caribbean reef fish make it to aquarium destinations, and Iwarna Aquafarm is only the second recipient of the impossibly rare*Lipogramma “robinsi”.*

    There is a slight bit of hesitation as to the actual idnetification of the new*Lipogramms being brought up from the depths, as it looks a lot like what has formally been deascribed as*L. robinsi but this extremely southern population could represent a closely related yet distinct species. In any case, this extremely rare basslet is now housed with some equally rare tank mates, as you can see in the video of it below.


    Lipogramma Sp. - YouTube
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