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    red-tentacle-disc-coral.jpg Ridiculous red flame tentacles adorn this dark Ctenactis slipper coral from Cherry Corals.

    We don’t know what the heck is going on with the incredible disc coral above but whatever it is, it’s unbelievable. Elongated red tentacles on top of a dark colored coral polyp looks like this Ctenactis is on fire, it almost defies what we think of when it comes to awesome disc corals. Cherry Corals will soon be sharing this incredible red-flaming tentacle disc coral and whoever gets this tiny Fungiid will be guardian of a really awesome, one of a kind coral, but Russo’s Reef also has an incredible coral up their sleeve.

    Not only does this*awesome Ctenactis*slipper corals have an unbelievable red polyp coloration, it also appears to have blueish purple tentacles that could turn this coral into a mighty package of color. Ctenactis disc corals show up very infrequently in the aquarium trade, usually greenish brown or grey, sometimes with a pink purple edge but to find one with a solid coloration like Russo’s Reef is a killer surprise. We know there’s a lot of lurking Fungiid coral fans out there so this week they should be especially on the lookout for these two beautiful Ctenactis*slipper coral specimens, as well as some of their counterparts which may have yet eluded discovery by someone with an eye for coral.

    red-ctenactis-russos-reef.jpg Incredible red Ctenactis coral from Russo's Reef.

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