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    After more than three years since the discovery of the first Lightning Maroon Clownfish, lightning struck twice for marine fish breeder Matt Pedersen as he successfully raised a crop of*Premnas biaculeatus from PNG with the crazy lightning pattern on the first clutch. No one expected that this level of success would be achieved on the first pairing but seeing that it happened, and that many of the lightning maroon clownfish offspring*are showing the electrical marking, Matt has laid out the plan for distributing the little wonders.*

    Already at one inch long you can see the development of the tell-tale reticulation of the Lightning Maroon Clownfish mother which was the seed for this whole special breeding project in the first place. With a total of about 15 to 20 “valuable” individuals, several pairs will be retained to further the Lightning Maroon Project, a few more pairs will be safeguarded with other local fish breeders and the remainder will be offered to the public. Through which channels Matt will sell the F1 Lightning Maroon clownfish babies is to be determined but since Blue Zoo Aquatics made the foundation mare Lightning clownfish available to Matt we assume that Blue Zoo Aquatics would be the first place to look. Check the source link for the full gallery of the first generation lightning maroons clownfish [Lightning Maroon Project]


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