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6 May 2007
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hello all

i am building a 800 x 800 x 600 cube. i was wondering would a 400watt metal halide with 14k blv b okay and have mayb 2 x t5 atinic lites . gonna b sps dominated.
I would say it will be fine, 400w is alot of light. Is this going to be your main tank or a second tank?
Should be great plenty strong. Will be quite blue though. Maybe 10 000k or 12000k with the actinics would be better from a broader spectrum of light perspective.

But it depends a lot on your aesthetic ITO what colour you want.
well i would like best colouration for my sps ... what would u suggest
The blue spectrum does good things for my SPS colour but so will anything down to 10 000k.

Maybe your idea is the right place to start.
cool bob. thanks alou. does anyone know where i can get a vho from
Even at 20000K, a 400W would be good. What reflector are you thinking of?
Mango surely you already have sufficient lighting for this tank?
its a new tank i am setting up i can either go diamond reflector 400watts or 250watt... which is betta. dont wanna overkill
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