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7 May 2007
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Hi All,

After more temperature swings than our receptionist hitting menopause from my (AquaH20 heater biggest piece of crap ever) i bought a lifetech and evthing has been alot more stable. has anybody got experience with these? seem to work really well.

My Aqua H20 Actually gave me better performance that most of the other heaters I have used !
I have also used a life tech and it was also quite accurate. I still think the best idea is to have the heater running off a RELIABLE controller. May be a lot to spend initially but I think it would be better to lay out the extra cash than to par boil your fish.

BTW If anyone wants to buy a heater KEEP AWAY FROM YUFO HEATERS. Got one the other day as my heater broke. Set the heater to 24 and it goes up to 30. Thank god it is in a FOWLR tank.

Sorry for the hijack !
I have a lifetech 300w. It seems pretty accurate, good value for money. When i worked for marltons, the only come back we had on them was when they were broken in the box, not from being faulty.
I have a Jager 250w which is my most reliable one, I have tossed all 4 of my Aqua H20 heaters to the buckets, I use them now to heat R/O and NSW before water changes - probably all they are good for.

I have a Regent which I like and seems on the mark and I have a Lifetech 300w which is also in my main display - I have never had hassles wih my Lifetech.


ill nevver use life tech again almostboiled my seahorses
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