Lifespan of UV PVC piping

4 May 2007
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Durban, ZA
Guy's what's the lifespan of UV PVC piping ?

Reason I ask is that my plumbing runs along an outside wall to my sump and is exposed to the elements.
Although it doesn't get a lot of direct sunlight, this African sun of ours is harsh and even UV protected items have a shelf life.

Prevention is better than cure as the saying goes, what should I use to paint the exposed piping with ?
What about encasing it in some sort of insulation? Will protect it from UV and also help with temperature control in these vicious winters we have here in Durbs!
large trunking should do the the trick and cover up the pipe work.the aircondioning guys used it on my aircon pipes
the same stuff they wrap on wiring looms in cars heat resistant cold resistant oil and water resistant and it looks cool!!
Sorry DR - your question is not getting answered! I would expect a lifespan of a few years (probably at most 3 to 4 years) before the pipe becomes brittle.
I'm with Kevin on this one, insulate it, that stuff they use on external aircon pipes looks pretty cool.
depends on what class pipe you used anthony..........class 9 i reccon should last up to 10 years as you do not have any pressure running through.........
i reccon it would only cause a problem if it got knocked or something....
we have done installations on bottling plants and 6 years later, the pipe is discoloured quite a bit but still strong
i reccon it would only cause a problem if it got knocked or something....

Hi Marco - it is that brittleness that worries me. I found that the pipes I used for my pond were very brittle after four years and all it took to crack them was a light knock.
I used that blue UPVC pipe that I usually use for my tank plumbing. Had a fair amount of pressure running through it (swimming pool pump against a head of about 2m). Most of it was buried but there was a section that was exposed and it split when I dropped a potting fork against that exposed section.
MMmm that's what I'm worried about.

Where can you get that aircon insulation from ? It's that black rubber stuff right ?
Cool thanks.
one of alans friends owns a aircon place in gale street.......i have bought plenty insulation from them........ask alan the name......i hink its tesca or something like that
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