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8 May 2007
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CaribSea the long time aggregate company announced the availability of their new Life Rock Frag Zone pack. Life Rock Frag Zone is coated calcium carbonate that it said to make fragging easy. Small fragging pieces are colored to look like live rock and are not an eye sore like other fragging kits on the market today. The pieces then fit perfectly on your existing aquascape and with the life like color no one (but you ) will be able to tell. The product spawns from Caribsea’s Life Rock series just in a smaller form.
Fragging is extremely popular among hobbyists to share and trade (and sell) small amounts of live coral with others and is widely believe to help expand the availability of rarer corals on the market. However, most frag plugs are not colored and stick out “like a sore thumb” in a reef tank. Caribsea’s Frag zone seeks to change that. Each tub should have between 9-12 pieces with an ***P of between $20-$25 US.
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