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    The Libra dosing pump from Vertex Aquaristik is just one more indication that dosing pumps are becoming more and more popular for use with reef tanks. Manufacturers are marketing so many different liquid additives these days and reef aquarists are adding more of them to their tanks than ever. Like the ProfiLine dosing tower from Coral-Shop, the Libra has an intuitive built-in controller for setting dosage quantities, frequency, and calibration, but the Libra will be more interactive with stiochiometry programming and being able to receive commands from its companion controller, the Vertex Cerebra.

    Whereas the Profi-Line doser is small and pricey, the Vertex Libra is much larger but also has a lower base price which can definitely come up with the addition of fancier stepping motors. Still at least another month to go before the Libra sees the light of reefing, in the meantime enjoy this quick video tour of the Libra dosing pump produced at this year’s MACNA.
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