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    It’s no secret that we’ve been smitten with the sophisticated chemistry controls first promised by the Libra doser from Vertex Aquaristik. We’ve yet to see any Libra dosers in the wild since*their*announcement two years ago and first look last fall, but hopefully the release of this instructional video for the Libra doser means that Vertex must be getting close to shipping.

    The useful video features the Libra’s menu, navigation and straightforward stoichiometry which we hope could go a long way to managing mineral balance in reef aquariums.*Coupled with the networked Cerebra controlled to direct the functions of a calcium reactor, the dosing pump and some kalkwasser addition the fine tuned management of calcium, alkalinity pH and temperature could get*really interesting. With MACNA 2012 just around the corner next weekend we really hope to hear some good news about the Libra doser, you hear us Vertex? Video posted below.*

    libra-doser-stoichiometry-1.png libra-doser-stoichiometry-2.png

    Click here to view the embedded video.

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