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    LGM Aquari has been making all manner of marine aquarium devices overseas but now thanks to Sicce USA we’ll have a chance to take them for a spin in America. In an introductory video Ralph Cabbage introduces the three sizes of the LGM Aquari skimmers that Sicce will begin distributing in the United States including the LGM Aquari 650, 850 and the big boy 2050.

    The obvious connection between the distributor and the LGM Aquari skimmers is their choice of Sicce powered foam fractionation. The LGM650 uses the PSK-600, the 850 uses a single PSK-1000 and the 2050 is a dual pump model currently sporting two PSK-1000 but moving to the PSK-1200 pumps is also being considered for the twin-engine 2050.

    We really like the simple building style of LGM Aquari which reminds us of H&S designs with Royal Exclusiv craftsmanship. While Sicce will be selling the LGM Aquari skimmers they will not be*that*aggressively marketed since Sicce depends more on other skimmer manufacturers to use their pumps. Either way we hope that Sicce sees a warm response and interest in LGM Aquari skimmers as we would love to see some of their Zeovit reactors, HOB skimmers, fluidized and phyto reactors, and calcium reactors make it to this side of the Atlantic.

    LG aquaria Protein Skimmers Sicce - YouTube
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