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8 May 2007
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Nearly all reality tv shows are mostly ‘unscripted programming’ these days but if you’re looking for some genuine, relatable reality television, Leopazzo’s got you covered. This weekend, Leopazzo, the reefing wunderkind who brought us the Reef Tank Addiction rap video, woke up to find out his prized reef tank and corals had been royally . . . compromised.

Despite some best laid precautions, Leopazzo’s kids somehow managed to get into the working area behind his reef tank, and wanting to be like daddy they started dosing additives to the tank. But unlike daddy, the innocent children added bottles upon bottles of iodine, magnesium, calcium, and they added all of them.

Just like in a car accident, there is usually a point in the timeline of a tank crash when things start going south. Whether it’s an anemone getting caught up in a powerhead, or an auto top off or kalkwasser overdosing, there’s usually one defining moment that you can point to that set in motion a chain of events that will take a really long time to recover from.

In Leopazzo’s case, he livestreamed his first reactions upon finding out what happened out to his tank, and seeing his demeanor on live recording is like watching a slow motion car wreck. Leopazzo is a true gentleman in his live reaction video because we’d be cussing up a storm if we found this out about a prized reef.

The first 15 minutes is Leopazzo trying to put together what actually happened but at about 18 minute mark, one of the culprits confesses what she and her brother did, which is exactly what he thought. Leo’s son and daughter snuck in behind the tank, and proceeded to play mad scientist for valentine’s day.

You don’t have to watch the whole video to feel the severity of the situation, but hopefully you can learn vicariously from this experience – walk over to your tank now and kid-proof your reef tank space asap.
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