Leopard wrasse not swimming/moving but breathing

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    8 Apr 2016
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    Richards Bay
    We recently got a leopard wrasse and it's been fine swimming around and eating but today it's floating around barely swimming and just being blown all over by the current. I can see it's gills moving.

    I dont know what to do. It looks like the fish is suffering. It's not my tank and my boyfriend is at work so he can't do anything.
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    How long has your tank been running for? How many other fish are in there? Is it the only wrass in the tank , often people try add more than one wrass in a small tank and this results in the weaker one being harrased to the point of exhaustion . you could try and catch it and place it in the sump or in a container where it might be Abel to recover ,but being blown around in the current it won't last long.
    You should get your water tested at a pet store and post the parameters on this thread so that we can assist you also a bit more info on the tank would help
    Perhaps a PIC or two as well

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