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8 May 2007
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Long time Reef Builders writer & editor Lemon TYK has revealed two new releases in his limited edition series of marine aquarium posters. Angelfishes of the World and Exotic Tropical Fishes II follow on the wildly popular first two posters, Exotic Tropical Fishes and Corals of the World.

Until about a year ago, the marine aquarium hobby had not enjoyed any new, professionally made and designed posters to celebrate the animals we love in about a decade. Sure there were plenty of posters of ‘Marine Fish’ around, but the exceptional quality of LemonTYK Photography, modern layout and advanced reefing knowledge puts these posters on a whole other level.

In contrast to the white background of the first two posters released by LemonTYK, the two new posters for 2016 feature a bold black background which not only compliments the first posters, but also really makes the photo subjects really pop out. If you like rare and unusual fish, Exotic Tropical Fishes II is a perfect follow up to the original, with posters together featuring some of the most exquisite, exotic and rare marine aquarium and tropical reef fish in the world.

Better yet, the new Angelfishes of the World poster is a compendium of all the large and pygmy marine angelfishes. In a collaboration with another Reef Builders regular, Ohm Pavaphon, and contributors from all over the world, the new Angelfishes of the World poster features each and every single species of marine angelfish.

The pygmy, medium and large sized angelfish in the family Pomacanthidae are clearly some of the most popular marine aquarium fish in the world. The new poster not only features every species from this group, but many of the rarest aberrations, hybrids, and even both sexes for the swallowtail angelfish of the Genicanthus genus.

Exotic Tropical Fishes II and Angelfishes of the World are available to purchase in the Reef Builders Store starting today. The limited edition prints are $30 a piece, with a special bundle including both posters available for $50 for a limited time. The first series of LemonTYK posters sold at an unbelievable pace (with very few copies remaining), and the new release of the Exotic Tropical Fishes II and Angelfish of the World is sure to sell even faster.

These new posters are not just pretty to look at, but incredibly informative for teaching viewers about the lesser known species of angelfish and exotic fishes. Whether you want something pretty to look at, or an educational tool to put up in your marine aquarium business, LemonTYK’s two newest posters are a must have. [RB Store]
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