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    We’ve written about so many different varieties of lemonpeel hybrids we never thought that one could come along with such a standout pattern to warrant another post. Seriously though, lemonpeel x halfblack hybrids, lemonpeel x eibli angelfish hybrids (Tigerpyge) and blue spotted and blue spangled hybrids of lemonpeel angelfish have all had a turn gracing the posts of Reef Builders but the latest one from LiveAquaria is a true stunner. This particular lemonpeel x halfblack angelfish is so cool, it spent a stint in the personal aquarium of Kevin Kohen and with a beautiful gradient of yellow blending into a wormline pattern to meet the black tail, it’s easy to see why the man who sees all the coolest marine life had to enjoy personally condition this fish in his office. [Diver's Den]
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